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Nickerson Gardens

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Metro officially took over the operations of Nickerson Gardens on April 1, 2016.  The Club opened in February of 2016 originally under the leadership of the West San Gabriel Valley Boys & Girls Club. Since its opening we have a full team in place and strong programming that includes Power Hour, Smart Moves, Triple Play, STEM, Brain Training etc. There are over 300 registered club members with attendance averaging 70 kids a day. Partnerships have also been critical to our success and have included organizations such as LAPD, HACLA Disney & Oracle.

Our Programs


Arts & Crafts
Students discover their artistic side through multiple art projects, including painting (oils and watercolors), molding clay, and drawing. This program encourages youth to utilize their imaginations in new and exciting ways through artistic expression.

Brain Training 
This is a pilot program for language, vocabulary and math acquisition skills. Check out the website:

Power Hour 
This is a homework assistance program where youth receive tutoring, use computers for homework and studying, and are encouraged to maintain good grades. Students also have access to reading materials and grade appropriate textbooks so that all daily assignments can be completed.

STEM Program
Our STEM (science program) is offered through a community partner. They provide basic science programming with hands-on activities/experiments.


This discipline teaches youth the importance of good posture, as well as how to be graceful.

In-house games, skill practice, and games with other Boys & Girls Clubs are held in the NBA regulation size gym.

CATCH Healthy Habits
This program combats the serious problem of childhood obesity by engaging adults as mentors to teach healthy lifelong habits to kids. CATCH Healthy Habits pairs teams of adults with elementary school kids, and classes meet once a week for 8-week sessions. Hour-long sessions include fun games and exercises, preparing healthy snacks, and learning about good food choices.

Social Recreation
At each Club site, youth learn how to interact with their peers, work and play well in teams, and the importance of good sportsmanship through recreational activities such as pool, foosball, ping-pong, and board games.

Step Class
This class teaches its members discipline and hard work, while also keeping them physically healthy.

Triple Play
This is the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s comprehensive health and wellness program developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to improve the overall health of youth. Combined with opportunities for physical activity and Healthy Habits programming, Triple Play helps youth build positive relationships and cooperation skills. 


Boys Scouts
A partnership with the LAPD focusing on character building, leadership and fitness.

Chess Club
Open to youth of all ages, the Chess Club helps youth learn various key life skills through the game of chess and provides them with multiple opportunities throughout the year to participate in tournaments.

SMART (Skills Mastery and Resistance Training) Girls
SMART Girls provides guidance to female Club members (8 to 17 years old) around topics such as healthy attitudes and lifestyles, eating right, staying fit, getting good health care, and more. Small group sessions and group activities provide a safe space to discuss topics and issues, and field trips provide fun and unique activities to support program goals. SMART Girls also connects female Club members with positive female adult mentors.

Club Director

Jenessa Hernandez

Jobs + Internships

Please visit our jobs page for current opportunities.

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